Built with the future in mind, this building is extremely energy efficient and in possession of a BREEAM Excellent Certificate. The maximum utilization of natural light can result in a cost reduction of up to 50% on lighting costs. Heating/cooling is arranged via thermal storage underneath the building. Solar panels are installed on the roof and a variable volume roof induction system arranges the  airflow in an energy efficient manner. 

Project information

Leiden Innovation Center. An iconic building and prestigious landmark in the landscape of Leiden. The design of the building is based on a Roman guarding tower, as the building is situated in ‘Roomburg’ business park, once the home to Roman fort Matilo.

Rating: Excellent
Score: Aim is 75% (70% is needed for Excellent)
For more details, see attached PDF.

Most important innovative and environment friendly design principles of the building
  • Heat-Cold Storage (Warmte-Koude Opslag WKO in Dutch)
  • Excellent Installation & Building Maintenance System with options to control Air, Heat and Cooling on a grid of 3.6 meter
  • High isolation value
  • Use of sustainable, eco-friendly and maintenance-low materials
  • Energy-efficient installations (like LED lighting).

Sizes (NEN 2580)
  • Ground/Plot Area: 0,3532 ha (3.532 m²)
  • Gross Floor Area 10.536 m² (including parking garage).
  • Gross Floor Area per function (excl parking garage)
Meeting spaceappr 1.101 m²
Joint spaceappr. 2.182 m²
Office spaceappr. 2.959 m²
Corridor / Traffice space    appr. 1.174 m²
Totalappr. 7.316 m²
  • % of outer space used for local community: Not applicable
  • % of inner space used for local community: Not applicable

Energy Use
  • total energy use: appr. 78 kWh/m² per year (gross floor area)
    fossil energy: appr. 22 kWh/m² per year (gross floor area)
  • Expected use of sustainable energy sources: 17,8 kWh/m2 (gross floor area)
  • Expected use of water: 2982 liter per full-time employee per year: All water valves (apart from those in the kitchen and those for cleaning) will be limited to 6 liter per minute at a pressure of 3 bar. And 50% of the men’s toilets will be urinal (which limits the water usage).
  • Use of rain water or grey water: None

Measures to reduce the impact on the environmen
  • In the planning phase we take the breeding season for the birds into consideration. We had to remove a few trees, which happened already before March 15, 2016.
  • We also replanted part of the trees & bushes & plants to the other side of the street (in winter time).
  • New plants will also be planted in the appropriate seasons (preferably the fall or winter, not the summer).
  • All planning & ecological activities will be handled by an expert in this field.
  • In general we do like to handle the environment and nature (flora and fauna) with care.

Lessons Learned (so far)
  • Straight from the start we focused on designing a green building (BREEAM Excellent). Because of that we chose quite a few of the things above (LED lighting, Heat-Cold Storage, etc). However, it was not always that clear what the cost consequence is of the various choices. A better cost-revenue analysis at the start would have avoided quite some redesign and discussion.
  • A good BREAAM training of the full architecture/design team at the start also would have helped to align better. 
  • We started the BREEAM certification scoring & evidence too late in the process. Next time this should be earlier.

Background information

Leiden Innovation Center will be built with ambitious targets regarding architecture, design, environment and sustainability. The plans to build this office started in 2008. In 2012 the first artist impressions were made. In 2015 the City of Leiden gave permission to build this ambitious office. The project team is as follows:

Investor of Leiden Innovation Center:
  • Kolonos B.V.

  • Van Reisen Bouwmanagement BV, Noordwijk
  • Tulipa, Capelle
Architecture & Design:
  • Ben Schildwacht, Zoeterwoude (architect)
  • Van Dijke, Alphen ad Rijn (construction)
  • Hiensch Engineering, Amsterdam (installations)
  • Peutz, Zoetermeer (environment, construction-physics, BREEAM)
  • Bosch & Slabbers, Middelburg (garden)
Construction Company:
  • Dura Vermeer, Rotterdam (main contractor)

  • MultibouwSystemen (Prefab Concrete)
  • Kolf & Molijn (window frames)
  • Schoonderbeek Invallatie BV (electrical installations)
  • Schulte & Lestraden BV (airconditioning)
  • WVH Gevelprojecten BV (aluminium cladding)
  • Buiting Machinebouw & Staalconstructie BV (steel)

Costs & Revenues:
According to an investigation from Hiensch Engineering the ROI on the Heat-Cold Storage (incl heatpump) is about 8 years. The ROI for the solar panels is about 10 year.

State of delivery

The office building will be provided with:
  • A prestigious, imposing entrance hall with a reception and a coffee corner (manning of reception to be discussed; see above);
  • A modular building module of 1.8 meter under the base per 3.6 meter a control unit for the air-conditioning systems;
  • Ceiling system with built-in partial daylight depending light fittings and occupancy detection;
  • Heating and cooling via an air-conditioning system;
  • Façade with heat-insulating glazing;
  • Lift group with 2 (wide) elevators;
  • Pantry connection on each floor;
  • Complete finished luxury, separated sanitary groups per floor;
  • Smooth anhydrite floor (tile floor on all central / share floors: 1st, 2nd floor and kernels on every level)
  • Wall cable ducts for the purpose of data cabling;
  • Alarm system (intrusion & fire). Lessor is allowed to add additional sensors to the alarm system and/or add another alarm system on top.
  • Access control system on the shell of the building (both at the reception floor before entering the elevators and to enter the offices at the office levels)
  • Fire hose reel per floor;
  • License plate recognition in the car garage (so all cars known to the system can drive through).
  • WKO installation;
  • Breeam Excellent certified.

Technical information and sustainable measures on a social and economical scale
See the following memo (in Dutch, English on request). See attached PDF.
Progress & information
  1. Tenants will be informed on a monthly basis on the progress of the construction works. Tenants can participate in progress & design-meetings too.
  2. For anyone: During the construction works there will be monthly tours to see the progress. If you are interested, please send a message to
  3. During the construction process we will show some of the progress on this intersite site.


Leiden Innovation Center. An iconic building and prestigious landmark in the landscape of Leiden. The design of the building is based on a Roman guarding tower, as the building is situated in ‘Roomburg’ business park, once the home to Roman fort Matilo.